What makes Aegees so unique?

Ultimate privacy

Physical protection of the device is implemented through a combination of a technological protection and a crypto container.

Absolute anonymity

There is no need to provide any personal information. User's login is also not shown as well; other users only see the public name you choose.

Full encryption

All of the information transferred from one user to another is encrypted with state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms. The source code of the application is open for any analysis.

Data belongs to you only

All the user’s data is encrypted with a personal password. This password is stored only on a user’s device and does not go anywhere else. It is impossible to extract the password.

Change of device requires verification

If a device or any part of it, including a sim-card, is replaced, a user has to get access to the messenger with a password.

No government control

Aegees is a 100% independent, self funded organization without any government involvement, affiliated representatives or public funds involved.

Self-destruction of your data

All personal data in the app has the ability to self-destruct at the appointed time if desired by the user or to it can be destroyed instantly during an attempt to disclose the owner’s login and password.

Servers can not be locked down

Distributed system architecture guarantees full functionality of the app in any country. It cannot be blocked by any government.

No data stored on servers

Aegees servers do not store user’s messages or files. Your messages are located only on your device and the app requires the absolute minimum of permissions and user data for functioning.


Aegees Ensures That All Your Communications Are Safe

Exchange messages in chats and conferences
Make voice calls
Take Part In Audio Conferences
Create personalized groups
Set pin code
Send stickers
Store confidential data in an encrypted container

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