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Aegees: the evolution of the project management system.

As a project evolves, so does its project management system — that’s especially true in software development, and even more so when you’re trying to develop the most protected messenger in the Galaxy (and possibly beyond). It’s impossible to stick to just one system and apply it across every project stage and workflow. So, on top of […]

Aegees Progress Report: Latest Update

A lot has been completed since the September release. We have made changes to our project management approach switching some of our workflows from Scrum to Kanban, which helped increase overall production efficiency and output quality. We have completed a total of 127 different tasks, from small to big, and here we are to share […]

Confidentiality and Personal Data Privacy in Israel

Israeli legislation on personal data protection is one of the most peculiar and controversial in the world. The fact that Israel adheres to democratic principles might explain that, but at the same time, the country is regularly exposed to war and terrorist attacks. Israel’s multi-layered legal system is made up of basic laws, case law […]

Aegees Development Report:Our Code Management Solution

As you’re probably aware by now, we are carrying on with our work on Aegees, it’s not just a new messaging application but we intend to make it the safest messenger available in the Galaxy. We have pledged to give our users a completely hack-proof app, something no one has managed to accomplish before now — and […]

Aegees Progress Report: System Crashes

As you probably know, we are working to create Aegees, a revolutionary messaging app that we intend to make the most protected messenger on the global market. The application is nearing roll-out phase, so the focus now is on testing and problem fixing. We spoke to the Head of Testing at Aegees, Rustam Yusupov to […]

Endless Hack Stories

Let’s face it, the internet has been buzzing with endless hack stories, one after the other — celebrities, politician, CEOs and even scientists have fallen victim in recent years. Vast swathes of sensitive and classified data have been leaked and exposed. We thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at some of […]

The Aegees Approach To Connecting New Devices

You’ve probably guessed by now that the Aegees approach basically means that we never choose between usability and security. For us, providing both is a must. Our goal is to create a messaging app that will give users the ultimate in communication freedom combined with unprecedented levels of security so that even the wildest conspiracy theorists would […]

The Aegees Approach To Importing Contacts

Many say that the contact list import procedure is yet another weak spot in messaging app security and in personal data security in general. While we decided that our app would certainly have to have this useful function, it will need to be implemented in a way that gives users maximum protection. To make it […]

The Aegees Approach To Device Synchronization

Data synchronization across devices is the present-day standard for most apps, and most users couldn’t imagine life without it. It is, however, hard to find a more vulnerable process from the point of view of data security. Metaphorically speaking, it is the Achilles heel of the entire security system. So, for Aegees, we made it […]

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