Aegees Development: September Progress Report

We are continuing our work on Aegees, the new messaging application that we intend to make the safest messenger available in this Galaxy and beyond. We wanted to share with you even more good news about what we achieved in September.

When using chats, you can now quote specific messages to which you want to reply, save files from the crypto-container directly to the phone’s memory card, this could come in handy if you wanted to access particular files from another app, and you can send batches of files and/or messages between Aegees chats and to third-party apps too. We also implemented ‘invite distribution’ to new users via email and SMS messaging. We also made our CAPTCHA check look a bit cooler and feel even more comfortable.


Then, we made some changes to those ticks that indicate message delivery and how they work. In the new version, the tick turns blue as soon as the recipient is notified about a new incoming message. In the Android version of the app we also made some improvements to the chat list view. The profiling results are also telling us that the application is now performing twice as fast as before.


A series of enhancements have been made to chats. You can now delete chats and calls from your history, clear the history and mark all messages as read. We’ve implemented search by chat, contact and call lists, which makes navigation even faster and easier and provides rapid access to any data you might need. In the Android version, we’ve added the ability to group messages by date and to customize the font size.


We added a few bug fixes to the iOS version. Text in an unfinished message no longer disappears when the user leaves the chat intending to come back to finish it. Also, previously, any changes to chat settings didn’t apply until the user exited the chat tab and reopened it; they now apply right away.


Fixes have also been made to calls and voice messages. Callers who make a second incoming call will, from now on, receive a “Busy” status notification from the recipient, we believe that’s only proper and much more pleasant. We have found a way to improve connection stability for calls. We stabilized the connection during the initial stage of a call when the caller is connecting to another user. During the call, if the connection is broken due to signal loss, it now restores almost immediately after the signal is restored. We’ve also fixed an intermittent problem with the ‘accept call’ button, which had a tendency to freeze sometimes, not any more!

We’ve improved voice messages in both the Android and iOS versions of the app. Previously you had to “rewind” a voice message to hear it again, that little inconvenience had now been eliminated. Users can listen to voice messages as many times as they like without a glitch. We also fixed an irksome time lag between hitting the record button and the voice message actually starting to record. That’s no longer there and it all works smoothly right away.

Our new release is scheduled for October 8 and it’s going to have a lot of remarkable stuff included. A few days later, we’ll issue a hotfix update. That will take care of a few minor issues that you almost certainly wouldn’t even be aware of and that’s our plan exactly; to take care of all issues before they get the opportunity to bug you. We have modernized the product core significantly and after this release, Aegees updates will be available through AppStore and GooglePlay.

Aegees is the messaging application that is being developed to become the safest and most secure online communication tool on the market. Aegees will continue to protect data even if a device is lost or stolen, or a user is forced under duress to provide authorization data. The innovations that Aegees is introducing include a crypto-container to store all confidential data, fully encrypted data transmissions in all exchanges and a decentralized server infrastructure.

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