Aegees Messenger: Development Status and Plans

What is being tested, what is planned and some new ideas Here we are again, to tell you more about Aegees Messenger and our plans to make it the most protected and convenient messenger on the market. This time, we’ll talk in more detail about the new functions we are working on and the project […]

Aegees: Shielding You Against Big Brother

The time has come to tell you about why we are developing a new messenger that we’ve called Aegees. You might think there is an ample supply of messaging applications already on the market offering all sorts of the features you might want. So, why bother with making yet another? The answer is one simple […]

Aegees: Honestly About Testing

We’ve decided that we should tackle a difficult topic today: CLOSED TESTING. To be honest, we even had quite a debate about whether or not we should disclose this kind of information, but because we are all about transparency… here we go! Here are a few more backstage secrets about our product. First of all, […]

Aegees: Safe haven for your data

We are developing Aegees, a “new generation” messenger app with boosted functionality and enhanced data protection. It will become ‘doctor’s orders’ for anyone who values privacy and security; businessmen, public officers, investors, celebrities and their family, to name just a few. All Aegees users will enjoy complete protection from hacking attempts and spyware. We want […]

Who needs it?

There is a wide spread opinion about high demand for secured communication means among criminal structures representatives or participants of terrorist organizations. This question is hard to question when you do not have any statistics at your hand, so let’s just move on to assumptions. The basic assumption could be as follows: there’s no a […]

Sweet, sweet Viber

If we evaluate advertising strategies, then a shy Viber is a complete opposite to Telegram: it is a messenger that is often referred to as Belarusian. This version was supported on the top level: in January 2017 the Belarusian President stated that the application is an offspring of Belarusian developers. He is partly right, since […]

A Telegram for You! Please, Sign Here!

One of the household names in the industry of messengers has been gained by Telegram – an encrypted service originating from Russia. Its fame was predestined: in the beginning the founder of the project had to flee from Russia where according to his assumptions he used to be put under pressure. Then Telegram became an […]

Some Subtleties about Stored Information

Let’s see how information stored on user’s device looks like, created when being used by an encrypted communication system. As an example we’ll take the industry leader – WhatsApp: it is most highly praised, it’s most often mentioned as an example of a successful product, it is regarded as quite secure by a majority of […]

What Sort of Messenger Do We Need?

Multiple success and failure stories, research data and user preferences analyses lead us to the following conclusions about what a messenger should be like: convenient; fast; reliable; functional; All the top leaders to a greater or lesser extent meet these requirements: Excluing some national projects and the social network Snapchat from this list we come […]

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