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The Aegees Approach To Data Storage On Servers

Our prime objective in making Aegees is to provide all-round communication security. It is common knowledge these days that servers are notorious weak spots where data leaks can happen. Servers are also what governments target when trying to block the way an application works. We have developed some unique solutions to prevent data leakage and […]

Secure Messengers That Didn’t Make It

Not every messaging app, no matter how good its features and solutions are, can be as popular as WhatsApp, the ultimate global market leader. In fact, there are only 25 countries in the world where it doesn’t top the charts. Here, we’ll take a look at some of those pretty good apps that didn’t gain popularity, […]

The Aegees Approach To Call Encryption

As you probably already know, we are working on Aegees, the new messaging app that we intend to make the safest in this Galaxy and beyond (or at the very least in our Solar System!) and that is something that definitely requires 100% call encryption efficiency. One opinion shared by many is that if you’re […]

Investing In Messaging Apps: A Study

Fuelled by mobile internet and smartphone growth, the messaging app market has grown really fast over the last 5 years. Of course, the market is now huge, and investment is all about risk assessment; supply is growing, and quality is, to put it mildly, variable but recent high-profile deals, that we’ll come back to later, […]

Aegees: Big Brother Shall Not Pass!

We thought the time had come to tell you about what we’ve been working on, so, here we go! As a team, we’ve been working hard to develop Aegees, a messaging app that gives users better personal data protection than any other similar product on the market. We also thought it quite fitting that our […]

Data Security: Aegees vs Other Messengers

To be sure that our messenger really is the best offer on the market, we commissioned a comprehensive and detailed study of all popular messaging apps. Our focus was on comparing the features and functions we are implementing in Aegees. Just a day or two ago, the report finally arrived, a stack of paper taller […]

Aegees Overview: More On What The App Can Do and How It Works

Aegees is the new application that we are developing to give the market a new standard for secure messaging and personal data protection. As challenging as that sounds, we have already achieved a lot, and our project is now close to the global rollout stage. That’s why we decided the time has come to tell […]

Developing Aegees: An All-round Secure Messenger

Modern messenger apps have made daily communication fast and easy, exceeding many people’s wildest expectations. Sadly, however, the security of these apps is full of “holes”. There is ample opportunity for personal data leaks — a risk faced by any app user. Today’s best security solutions for conventional apps are end-to-end encryption and asymmetric cryptography systems. Both […]

Aegees — how was the brand created?

In this issue, we will explain how the Aegees brand was developed. We asked Melissa Koch — CEO of LABBRAND, whose company worked on the brand development, a few questions about creating and implementing the Aegees brand concept. What is the main idea of Aegees, what does it represent? Aegees is a secured and encrypted messaging platform […]

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