Aegees Progress Report: Latest Update

A lot has been completed since the September release. We have made changes to our project management approach switching some of our workflows from Scrum to Kanban, which helped increase overall production efficiency and output quality. We have completed a total of 127 different tasks, from small to big, and here we are to share our progress report with you.

We worked intensively on the app’s version for Android, having covered a wide range of issues from very minor to serious ones. Speaking of the latter, we fixed a major issue with incoming calls — some Android phones were failing to display the ‘Receive call’ button, but now it’s all taken care of and works smoothly even on the most ‘stubborn’ devices. Keeping up the connection stable during calls was a bit of a bigger challenge. Our tests showed that pretty often, the ‘Establishing connection’ status would end up with ‘Call failed’, which is not what we were looking to give to our users. We have fixed the issue, and breaking connection is not an issue any more. There was a similar problem with resuming connection, when the signal gets lost completely, but then is picked up again — and that’s completely taken care of now as well.

Our tests have identified a problem copying messages containing URLs — that’s fixed now, too. We have also minimized the previously longish wait time to log into the app. Among other things, we have completed our work on the app’s media player and added a set of editing tools for those who like editing their profile image and prefer to be able to edit pics they want to exchange or post.

We have made a lot of improvements to voice messaging. The voice messages are now always playing in the right order (there was an issue with that before, but not anymore). Another bug we discovered and fixed was a problem with the playback of any new incoming voice messages arriving while the user is playing back a previously received voice message — that’s also not to worry about anymore.

We paid a particular attention to increasing user-friendliness of our app. We fixed some annoying glitches like slow text scrolling for messages in chats, to name one. Another minor but pretty much annoying bug we caught and nipped in the bud was related to connectivity. On some Android phones, once a breaking call was getting successfully reconnected, the wait music failed to stop and just went on playing during the resumed conversation — imagine how much fun the users would have talking! We got rid of that ridiculous nuisance, of course, although it was stubborn.

At the end of the day, we are proud to say that all Android fans will have a comfortable and smooth experience using our messenger with all of its functions we’ve implemented to-date, and there are quite a lot of them.

Some of the glitches had nothing to do with Android, but were persistent in some phone models or brands. Thus, an incoming call would get interrupted on all Samsung phones exactly four minutes into the call, if the user had pressed the Power button previously to shut the screen down. This pesky little bug is also taken care of.

We also de-bugged the editing functions, such as editing a contact or a chat group member. Testing revealed that such updates applied only after a user re-entered the account, and not straight away as they should — and we got rid of this inconvenience.

Additionally, just so you can get a feeling of how much fun we were having catching and fixing all these bugs, there can be bugs caused by other bugs, and we got one of those, too. As soon as we fixed the ‘Receive call’ button issue for the Android version of the app, the button began glitching in a new way — it no longer disappeared, but instead it would freeze. Fixed!

We added an option to share contacts with other app users and added a reply button that appears when a user clicks on a message in a chat. We also got rid of the problem with contacts losing their profile pictures during the import process and fixed the draft saving procedure for replies to messages. We also added the possibility to view the contact list on the device from within the app.

This is just a quick review of the bugs we have fixed. You might be wondering how we managed to fix so many in such a short time — well, it was thanks to making some timely changes to our task lifecycle. In the workflow we had previously, the process started with the ‘Ready for implementation’ column, which basically meant we had to cut to the chase and write code right away, skipping all research and preparation stages. This became a major problem once it became clear that the project owners and developers had a different understanding of that actually means, resulting in conflicts between expectations and output. This is never good, as you can surely understand. So we changed that; we added more columns, made sure we have all the versions, all the bugs and all the feedback and input relevant for every task right there, and we made a huge progress in terms of both scope and quality in a short time. We’re back on track and happy to report it.

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