Aegees Progress Report: Update for August, September, and October

We are continuing to work on Aegees, a revolutionary messaging app that we intend to make the most protected messenger on the market. With this announcement, we want to inform you of the progress we’ve made so far and share our plans for next month. October is already upon us, bringing with it a serious workload and lots of development challenges that we will need to live up to.

In August, we completely re-wrote the protocols for storing files on servers. We added solutions for uploading extra-large files and facilitating message exchange via networks with a weak signal. We have also developed a solution that will enable file upload and download in standby mode on iOS.

We also developed a unique solution for data exchange with servers using the cjdns protocol. This proprietary proxy can support data transfer between IPv4 and IPv6 networks and will be a key component in the secure and fail-safe communication infrastructure we are building.

Until the end of September, we plan to implement some essential updates. One of them will take care of keeping calls uninterrupted when the network changes, such as when you switch between Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G or LTE, or when the signal travels between towers or Wi-Fi spots.

September was also when we needed to begin updating our cryptography library. Until now, we have used OpenSSL 1.0.2 (LTS) — a version that will only be supported until the end of 2019, so it’s time for us to switch to 1.1.0. This is always a large and quite painful task for developers. It may take longer than we think, but what we do know for sure that it started in September and will be done by the end of 2018.

Among the other tasks we plan to complete by the end of September are:

• Improving the quality of calls on the move, i.e. when you’re in a car or on train switching between networks;

• Mapping Aegees’s and your phone’s contacts.

If all went well, in the last few days of the month, we’ll have finished our device syncing solution and a solution for using the app simultaneously on multiples devices, for example, on a phone and a laptop.

In October, our app will get yet another new function — users will be able to keep using the chat and exchange messages during a call.

By mid-October we plan to complete:

• Invites for friends;

• Picture editor for Android;

• Sending a batch of files from an external source/app;

• Beta versions of the desktop app featuring individual and group chats, contacts, user profile, sending text messages and files.

Aegees is the messaging application that’s being developed to become the safest and most secure online communication tool on the market. Aegees will continue to protect data even if a device is lost or stolen, or a user is forced under duress to provide authorization data. The innovations that Aegees is introducing include a crypto container to store all confidential data, 100% encrypted data transmissions in all exchanges and a decentralized server infrastructure.

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