Aegees Messenger: Development Status and Plans

What is being tested, what is planned and some new ideas

Here we are again, to tell you more about Aegees Messenger and our plans to make it the most protected and convenient messenger on the market. This time, we’ll talk in more detail about the new functions we are working on and the project timeline, including testing and release plans. We’ll also share some of our ideas for the future.

Completed Development and Work in Progress

When it comes to core functions, we have already completed the development of text messaging, file exchange, audio calling, group chat and desktop versions of the app as well as a syncing solution and multiple device support — and of course, stickers!

There’s one more detail we are particularly proud to report — it was tough, but we’ve done it! The crypto container that will serve the app’s revolutionary data security component is ready too. Also, in the first half of 2018, we successfully implemented ARGON2i, a KDF algorithm that protects passwords from hacking and hashes all data that’s transferred to servers. We have also established a global server infrastructure to support our app.

The main super-task we have set for ourselves can be summed up as, “no data stored on servers and no non-encrypted data transfers”. It’s a worthy goal, but it sure did make the development process much more challenging, time-consuming and resource intensive. Even the most basic details are much harder to develop with those preconditions taken into consideration — like syncing chats on multiple devices or drafting a plain text message.

Part of our team is now focused on testing; this week, it’s audio-conferencing. This is our current priority, because even the current market leaders only say that this function is ‘coming soon’, whereas we have already developed ours and all data flows in our app will be encrypted.

Among other things, we are now trying out our ‘weak password’ testing tool and working on many system components that we are checking for iPad compatibility issues. We are also working on overall app stability and performance based on performance logs and error reports extracted from Google Play and App Store.

In other words, we are very close to the soft launch phase, and we are planning our first global product release at the end of the year. It will feature all of the functions and features that have been developed so far.

Coming Soon

We plan to use the remaining time before the end of the year to finish very many tasks, including developing a quick ‘user invite’ function and video calling. We also plan to build a file manager for the crypto container, implement support for user stickers and make sure the system is operating in at least five languages in our first release or, if time allows — twenty. Our ultimate goal is for messenger app to support 40 different languages.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be working hard on our cryptocurrency tools for the app. We aim to complete the cryptocurrency transfer and exchange function, at least partially, in time for the global launch.

We have already developed the server-side element of Bitcoin transactions and by the year’s end, we plan to implement fully functional mechanisms for transfers and currency exchange operations with Bitcoin, DASH, Ether and NEM. Another item on our ‘to-do’ list is to develop a blockchain-based recording system for user transactions, because we see blockchain technology as the new standard for electronic validation.

We also plan to add more security mechanisms on top of the core security functionality we have already developed. In August, we intend to implement timed message deletion to boost privacy and user data protection. We will also design and develop facial recognition and voice biometrics authentication solutions to go with our innovative “intruder’s eye on the screen” detection system.

Because of possible crackdowns in countries where official policies will not permit products and services that guarantee its users complete anonymity, we’ve decided to develop a solution for that too. To make our app ‘block-proof’, we’re going to implement a decentralised transport infrastructure that is also on track to be completed this year.

What’s Next?

These are the four main points we will implement in the development of our product:

• Migration to the Aegees.DCI fully decentralised infrastructure;

• Boosting communication security while maintaining a user-friendly UI;

• Further development of a cryptocurrency transaction kits and the launch of our own cryptocurrency;

• Identifying and pursuing additional system integration opportunities.

We plan to complete migration to the decentralised infrastructure called, Aegees.DCI, in 2019. We will have to set up a P2P transport layer consisting of one thousand nodes and we plan to use the cjdns communication protocol.

We intend to improve our app’s primary function as a communication tool through enhancing its existing functionality and adding new options. For example, we plan to implement video conferencing and hidden chats. We are also considering an integration solution with SMS and Email messaging. Screen and theme customisation tools will also be made available in 2019.

We will continue to work on our cryptocurrency transaction kit by expanding the list of supported currencies with a view to implementing support for thirteen cryptocurrencies by the start of 2019:

1. Bitcoin
2. Etherium
4. NEM
5. Monero
6. Ripple
7. Bitcoin Cash
8. EOS
9. Litecoin
10. Stelar
11. TRON
12. IOTA
13. zCash

Following this, we intend on developing a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange platform, launching AEGT, our own cryptocurrency and making a cryptocurrency wallet within the app available for all supported currencies.

Also in our development pipeline right now are solutions for integration with communication and trading bots and a system to equip our messenger with a media file playback applet and document viewer.

The Bottom Line

We are working every day to bring all of these plans to fruition and we’ve already completed the groundwork for many of the solutions. But now its time to step up the pace and really make things happen. So we’ll be burning the midnight oil as you stay tuned for more info!

Until next time!

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