Aegees — how was the brand created?

In this issue, we will explain how the Aegees brand was developed. We asked Melissa Koch — CEO of LABBRAND, whose company worked on the brand development, a few questions about creating and implementing the Aegees brand concept.

What is the main idea of Aegees, what does it represent?

Aegees is a secured and encrypted messaging platform that offers high protection for confidentiality and against data leakage. Hence, the chosen name has a close phonetic resemblance to ‘aegis”, but takes on a different spelling that symbolizes the hard-to-crack encryption for added protection.

What expressive means (used to implement the Aegees concept) do you consider to be primary?

Both verbal and visuals means are being used.


1) Sounds like Aegis, which is telling of the value proposition.

2) Inclusion of double “EE”s to create uniqueness.


1) Choice of blue which means intelligence & security in the IT field.

2) Unique created font which showcases confidence and swiftness.

3) Abstract icon, a fusion between a protection shield and speech bubble.

4) Use of gradient to give visual perception of a heavily protected shield that is hard to penetrate.

How did the idea with the name Aegees come about, tell me more about naming process?

We went through an audit of the names of the other messaging apps, analyzing the categories that most of these names fall under. These names are either straightforward , with clear expression of their messaging function, or highlight the functions or benefits of using the apps.

With that, we developed 3 broad angles, with 6 specific directions for name brainstorming. Besides the association with security (feeling secured, safekeeping and leaving no traces), we also played on the association with secrecy that comes with encryption.

Besides this directions, we also took into consideration the following points when developing the name:

  • Mature target audiences (tone of voice needs to be more direct and authoritative;
  • Global product (Cultural sensitivity to different religions and cultures;
  • Legal availability (Coined terms or word twist is being used to give uniqueness to the name to increase chances of trademark availability across several countries.);

Lastly, we also did a linguistic check for 10 shortlisted names in 10 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, German, Korean, Russian and Hindu. The linguistic check was done to check the names from a phonetic, semantic, regional and cultural point of view, to understand if there were any difficult pronunciations or bad connotations.

What alternative names were there? Why were they rejected and how did you finally decide on Aegees?

Other names like SERQUR, KEYPIN, QONFI, FYEO, KIVPER were among the top 10 shortlisted names.

Aegees was ultimately chosen for its uniqueness and ease of spelling.

What difficulties did you face designing the concept of the brand?

Traditionally, we will develop the brand name and then move onto the tagline development after the brand name is decided. In this project, we brainstormed for the names and taglines together to tighten the overall concept. This is useful when the name is not directly telling of its functions and value proposition, for examples, AEGEES, FYEO, QONFI etc.

How long did it take?

It took us 3 months from start to finish.

Were there any disputes on the team during the development of the brand concept and if so, how was it resolved?

No disputes. It was a very pleasant working relationship despite the distance and slight language barrier.

What determines the form of the logo? Its quite bold and somewhat aggressive — did you want to cause such associations?

The logo is meant to give a feeling of protection rather than being aggressive.

The gradient on the icon was designed to create the “titanium” hardiness feel of the protection- that it’s hard to break through.

A lighter shade of blue was chosen for the association with security- not too intimidating like navy blue or black. Furthermore, blue represents security and intelligence in the field of I.T.

What other color schemes were offered for Aegees? Why were they rejected?

We also tested the logo icon in various colors to cater for local adaptation and adoption in countries where there might be cultural sensitivities towards certain colors.

How did the logo design appear, is the logo a pure abstraction or does it have a hidden meaning?

The logo is inspired by both a protective shield and a speech dialogue bubble. It’s designed to be abstract rather than too straight forward like a literal shield or speech bubble for the following reasons:

With target audiences such as lawyers, politicians and doctors in mind, we aligned the positioning and value-proposition of the brand.

Somewhat secret and hidden with only those who use it really knowing the strength, power and function of the messaging app, rather than telling everyone that it’s a messaging app.

Tell us please about the selection of the main fonts for the application and the corporate identity of Aegees.

To make the overall visual identity more distinctive, the main font has been amended with swift curves that complement the curves of the icon. The swift curves displayed in A and G also symbolize the swiftness of the messaging app. Confident and decisive.

What do you think is most important in the development of a modern IT-brand and messenger?

1) Being relevant to the target audience — Coming from the angle of understanding their needs and solving their problems, rather than pushing a product to them.

2) Adding some warmth — IT brands tend to be cold, focusing too much on the technicality of things. We are bringing in the emotional benefits of using the brand, rather than focusing on the comparison of technical functionalities and specifications, that all companies will be able to catch up on eventually.

3) Making it simple to understand — Similar to point 1. Technology is supposed to help our life, not complicate it. Making things (or the solution) simple to understand so that everyone can adopt the solution.

How long did your company work on Aegees?

It was our first time working together. The project was completed within 3 months, and it has been a very pleasant working experience. We hope that there’ll be more opportunities to work on projects in the future.



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