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We are developing Aegees, a “new generation” messenger app with boosted functionality and enhanced data protection. It will become ‘doctor’s orders’ for anyone who values privacy and security; businessmen, public officers, investors, celebrities and their family, to name just a few. All Aegees users will enjoy complete protection from hacking attempts and spyware.

We want Aegees to become a byword for confidentiality. To live up to that, Aegees will feature data encryption, automatic message and file deletion, secret chats with additional authorisation, and on top of that, all data will be securely stored within the app instead of a remote server.

Main Features

Aegees (pronounced EE-jees) will have all the features users have come to expect — calling, text and voice messaging, file exchange, chats, conferences and channels.

Enhanced functionality. Additionally, we are developing some innovative functions. Some are entirely new, and some can only be seen in certain select products from current market leaders. In the course of the next twelve months, we will develop functions like video playback within the app, video calling and video conferencing, a chatbot maker, a cryptocurrency transaction hub, SIP calling, and many other features.

The User Interface is intuitive and easy. We have deliberately decided not to go for an original design so that users will immediately see a UI with which they are already familiar, one that’s similar to other apps. Because most users have already developed certain interaction habits with messenger apps and have certain expectations about available scenarios, we decided it would be best to cater to them.

Cross-platform compatible Aegees works with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. We also intend to develop a desktop syncing solution. Right now, the mobile app is already available on Google Play and AppStore, and the desktop versions are on track to launch by the end of the year.

Global reach. Ultimately the app will support 28 languages, and it works with five already. We aim to cater to the entire world, not limiting ourselves to a country or region, which is why we will soft launch our app in Hungary, Kenya, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Enhanced Security

Our primary focus is providing maximum data security to app users.

Crypto container. Most other apps store app data in the device’s memory. What makes Aegees different is that it stores all data in encrypted form in a designated crypto container for enhanced security. The crypto container is password-protected, and no password data is transmitted to any server, it remains known only to the user. Without it, no one will be able to extract any app-related information or even know whether any data is actually stored on the device.

User anonymity. The system will identify each user as a combination of two numbers that are based on their login and password and generated with the help of the SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm. The app will not request any data or permissions beyond those that are minimally necessary, such as contact list access and permission to send SMS and email messages.

Tamper-proof and fail-safe. We are ultimately planning to migrate our software to the decentralised infrastructure called, Aegees.DCI, which will make sure the app can never be taken down or blocked by any public agency. To ensure continuity of the app’s availability, we will set up load-balancing clusters for our servers.

Timed data deletion is a top priority on our to-do list. The user will be able to set a timer to have messages automatically deleted after they have been read or at any time they choose after that. There will also be an emergency password that that will initiate clearing the device of all app data or replace it with decoy data once entered.

Enhanced user verification. The app will request additional verification for SIM-card change and use of new devices. Unless a new device is authorised from the verified one, all outgoing messages will be marked as unverified. This way, users will always know whether they are talking to a real user or to someone else who may have gained access to their phone.

Project Timeline

2016 is the year our project began. We set out on quite an ambitious mission, to create a messenger app that would provide 100-per cent secure communication. Our preliminary research indicated that users need protection against unauthorised access to their devices, interception of traffic and personal data and illicit phone or SIM-card swaps. We are developing Aegees to provide a solution to all these problems. 2016 was also the year we built the first prototype.

2017 is the year we designed the first version with basic functionality that included text messaging, file transfer and audio calling. Later that year we developed the crypto container for storing app data in encrypted form within the app, allowing us to avoid storing data on remote servers.

In 2018, we added video conferencing, a user notepad and stickers, and implemented ARGON 2i, the encryption algorithm that protects device memory from hacks. By the end of the year, we plan to develop secret chats, video calling and conferencing, and a desktop syncing solution. We will also add screen and theme customisation options and functions to set up personal channels.

We also plan to implement our one-of-a-kind proprietary “intruder’s eyes on screen” detection software. The messenger will notify the user about anyone trying to peek at their screen over their shoulder, and it will lock the chat to prevent any snoopers from being able to read it. This function will also be activated if anyone tries to use the messenger without authorisation.

We are also running a separate workflow to be a feature of our app to develop a convenient infrastructure for cryptocurrency investors. So far, we have designed the cryptocurrency wire transfer and cryptocurrency exchange protocols. With Aegees, users will be able to transfer or exchange Bitcoin, Ether, Monero and other currencies. It will also provide access to a decentralised P2P cryptocurrency exchange.

2019. Next year, we plan to equip the app with media file playback functionality and give users a chatbot setup tool. The final development stage will include migration to a completely decentralised infrastructure called Aegees.DCI.

Rollout. We began 2018 by releasing a closed beta version, and testing and fixing are currently underway. Once this is complete, we move on to the soft launch phase. We expect to launch globally at the end of the year.

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